Three Sparrows Estate Sales




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We take the trust our clients give us very seriously. We focus on a departmental arrangement of items throughout the sale space to maximize sales and make it easier for shoppers to locate items of interest. With a staff that specializes in everything from kitchen goods to furniture, electronics, firearms, art, and rusticware, we work hard to price your sale fairly while still maintaining a goal of having customers leave with arms and hearts full, hopefully giggling merrily to their vehicles.

We offer complimentary evaluations and work year round. Winter sales can be some of our best sales, although we do not host sales in December. If you are considering a sale, please contact us before you do things like cleaning, or throwing things away. Sales are built on high quality and unique items, but the small things grow the success of your sale. Since they are small, they are easy to buy and really help boost the bottom line.

Hey, Three Sparrows, before we meet, what do I do about:

Cleaning? Don’t do it. Aside from a quick wipe down in the bathroom, don’t clean or throw away any items, even if something is broken. We have a dedicated following of fix-it-folks who come looking for discounted items that they can rebuild or mend. And small items are easy to buy and really help build the bottom line, so we don’t want them ending up in the trash.

Taking out the trash? Leave that trash right where it is! Partial bottles of soaps and cleaning supplies are not trash. What you see as trash might just be a precious piece to one of our buyers. Let us decide what stays and what goes.

Organizing and sorting? We will take care of all the organizing and sorting. We touch every item in the sale to get it in the right place, so you don’t have to.